10 – 19 September 2020

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10, 12, 15, 17 September 2020  / 7.30pm

19 September 2020 / 5.00pm

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Semele Insights Event

Want to learn more about Handel’s Semele? Join us for a very special Insights event on Tuesday 18 August at the Opera Centre in Parnell. Art historian David Maskill will explore the story of Semele through depictions of the myth in art from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century.

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Fame and immortality come to church

You’re invited to attend the Wedding of the Year in September, with our unique and immersive production of Handel’s Semele. Come and experience the brilliance of Handel’s uplifting music with the ingenuity of our site-specific staging in the breathtaking beauty of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Handel’s Baroque masterpiece Semele is an exciting mix of opera and oratorio. Unlike his much more famous Messiah, this work scandalised audiences when first performed at Covent Garden theatre in 1774. Drawn from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the sensual story explores a love triangle between Jupiter, King of the Gods, his wife, the goddess Juno, and his lover, the mortal princess Semele.

New Zealand Opera is forming a new Baroque Orchestra featuring expert period-instrument players conducted by Peter Walls, a globally acknowledged master in the performance of period music.

Australian soprano Celeste Lazarenko will make her New Zealand Opera debut in the title role, alongside remarkable New Zealand singers Amitai Pati, Paul Whelan, Sarah Castle, Stephen Diaz and Chelsea Dolman. The work incorporates the Freemasons New Zealand Opera Chorus and the Cathedral Choir to give voice to the polyphonic choruses so beloved by Handel.

This is a new production, conceived and directed by New Zealand Opera’s General Director Thomas de Mallet Burgess with Jacqueline Coats.

Duration: This performance is 3 hours long with a 20 minute interval.

This opera is sung in English.

This season is limited to only five performances. Book your tickets today.

Meet The Cast

Semele Celeste Lazarenko

Jupiter/Apollo Amitai Pati

Cadmus/Somnus Paul Whelan

Juno/Ino Sarah Castle

Athamas Stephen Diaz

Iris Chelsea Dolman

The Creative Team

Directed by Thomas de Mallet Burgess & Jacqueline Coats

Designed by Tracy Grant Lord

Lighting designed by Jo Kilgour

Conductor Peter Walls