He Kupu Whakaaweawe

Behind the Scenes Talks & Tours

Our behind-the-scenes talks and tours allow you to journey into the heart of an opera, giving community members a deeper insight into the fascinating world behind the curtain.

Behind the Scenes Talks

Ever wondered what goes into creating a world-class opera?  Community groups are invited to hear talks from NZ Opera’s General Director, participation tīma or other guest speakers with the aim of fostering engagement and deepening a relationship between members and their national Opera Company. Participants are then invited to make a group booking to attend an opera.

Behind the Scenes Tours

NZ Opera invites community and school groups who have not previously engaged with professional opera to visit the Opera Centre for a guided tour offering a look behind the curtain into the world of opera. A resource pack will be sent to participants who are then invited to make a group booking to attend a performance.

Feel free to contact our participation team for more information at participation@nzopera.co.nz we’d love to hear from you.