About Us

Our History

New Zealand Opera is New Zealand’s only professional opera company. Established in 2000 as a result of a merger between the former Auckland based Opera New Zealand and the Wellington based National Opera of Wellington. A further merger was established in 2012 with Southern Opera in Christchurch.

Beginning with Aida in 2000, New Zealand Opera has presented 451 opera performances, including 48 mainscale operas, 30 touring and festival operas. In addition to this we have presented 750 other performance events to an audience of more than 730,000 and included over 100,000 school children, youth and adults through our participation projects.

For the past 20 years the company has been involved in a range of activities: It has commissioned New Zealand original works, participated in festivals throughout New Zealand, run national regional tours and been involved in co-productions with Opera Queensland, State Opera South Australia, Victorian Opera and Seattle Opera.

Our Ambition

Reimagining Opera

Leading opera from Aotearoa in a way that reimagines the art form; embraces the cultural and social identities of our diverse communities; and ensures a vibrant and sustainable presence for opera in New Zealand

Artist Development

At New Zealand Opera, we consider it one of our key roles to identify talented New Zealand singers and provide them with support through the many stages of their operatic career.

This may involve giving young singers exposure to a working opera environment, bringing young New Zealanders back to sing roles after a period of overseas study, or giving the opportunity for New Zealand based singers to continue to develop their skills.

Find out more about our Emerging Artists, our Foundation Fellow and our Freemasons New Zealand Opera Artists.

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