What people say – 2023 The Unruly Tourists

The Unruly Tourists

On March 23, 2023, our much-anticipated production of The Unruly Tourists opened to a full Bruce Mason Centre as part of Auckland Arts Festival. Here is some of the feedback we received:


a fast-paced show, sparkling with action and irreverent, down-home Kiwi wit.

With a number of audience members standing to deliver enthusiastic applause at the show’s end, last night’s rollicking dose of irreverence could certainly be described as a popular success

It is a plum job for Luke di Somma, who ably conducts his fine musicians in his own original score, which proves to be wonderfully inventive, changing quickly between the minimalist, the quirky and the dramatic, and meeting the needs of singers from varied backgrounds while maintaining cohesion throughout.


Commissioning this piece is by far the smartest thing NZ Opera has done in years. There is a limited shelf life to a work so heavy on references like this, but this smart, fresh and outstandingly funny show is bound to bring in new audiences who are happy to laugh at themselves, and the production values, sharp writing, and gorgeous music and vocals will hopefully convert the crowds from cultural tourists into full-blown natives.

NZ Herald

The joke-per-minute ratio of this show is astonishing.

The Spinoff


It’s a great night out – laugh out loud funny and the chorus sounds beautiful. It’s also a very thoughtful piece that explores the role of the media, the way public outrage gets so quickly out of proportion, and what ‘kiwi’ values really mean. Book now before you miss out.

It was fantastic. A must see show.

A brilliant production, had me laughing, crying and singing along. You’ve got to see this!

Grabbed tickets for today’s matinee at the last minute (this morning). What a show! Utter genuis musically, delivered by outstanding talent with the added bonus of being laugh out loud funny. Of course, it wasn’t just about the behaviour of unsavoury tourists, a clever reflection on our own selves. Very very clever. I’d see it again in a heartbeat.

That was brilliant! Very well done, enjoyed every minute of it!

It was amazing I loved it from start to finish.

I had SUCH a good time at The Unruly Tourists. My stomach muscles ache from laughing so much. Amazing performances and amazing music! Bravo New Zealand Opera, and see it while you can!

Pure genius! It’s superb. Go and see it!!

Amazing costumes!!

I haven’t been so happy in so long, the unruly tourists was just outstanding! My cheeks hurt and my heart is full and I am forever grateful for the experience. I’m just blown away.