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At New Zealand Opera we consider it one of our key roles to identify talented singers and give them a head start in the competitive world of professional music. With our three-tier structure selected singers start as Emerging Artists and can later apply to become the Young Artist, and perhaps after a period of training and performing overseas, may choose to return and audition for Resident Artist status.

Freemasons Dame Malvina Major
Emerging Artists

Up to six artists will be selected for this internship. They will be given small comprimario roles and/or understudies where possible and, depending on role allocation, will be part of the NZ Opera chorus. Vocal, stagecraft and language coaching will be provided along with a range of other opportunities. Repetiteurs may apply under this tier and their programme will be shaped to suit individual and NZ Opera needs. The internship period can vary but ideally covers at least six months in total, focussing mainly on the main stage production periods to maximise interaction with experienced artists, although there will be some concert work involved. Auditions are generally in March/April with a start date of early June.

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Freemasons Dame Malvina Major
Young Artist (YA)

One singer (although in exceptional circumstances there may be more than one) will be chosen to undertake role(s) in main stage and/or touring productions for NZ Opera. Typically this will be a young singer just becoming established or a returning past Emerging Artist. The Young Artist will receive coaching and other music, language and performance support as deemed necessary. The internship period will vary but could be up to nine months and will include concerts and at least one NZ Opera production. Application is by invitation and the successful candidate will be selected by audition.


Freemasons Resident Artists (RA)

This tier is to provide for singers who may have passed through the Emerging and Young Artist phases and are returning to New Zealand or may already be in the top echelon of the chorus or the domestic singing scene. They will be suitable for roles and understudies with NZ Opera. The number of singers selected will depend on the opera and concert requirements for that year but it is anticipated that there will be up to eight Resident Artists in the annual intake. These artists will have vocal and language coaching provided for their specific roles and understudies, with provision for other support as required. The internship period is flexible, depending on the number of operas Resident Artists are involved in. Auditions are generally in November of each year.