Voices of Aotearoa 6:24


Voices of Aotearoa 6:24 is an exciting new opera project that invites emerging and experienced artists to explore what it might be like to create an opera.

The project will comprise six teams each featuring an opera singer, an instrumentalist, a composer and a writer. It is our intention that these teams reflect as widely as possible the diversity of our culture, musical heritage and geography.

Each team will work together to develop a narrative outline, identify a moment of song within this narrative and collaborate utilising their specific skills to realise the writing, composition and performance of the song.

Specialised input from New Zealand Opera will contribute to the development of a rich dialogue around the subject of what opera is and what it might be.

Are you an opera singer, instrumentalist, writer or composer who is keen to learn about creating opera? We invite you to send in your expression of interest by filling out our application form. Read on below for more information.

Project Timeline


The project will be facilitated and supported by New Zealand Opera and will be sectioned out over four phases. Applications are open until 31 July 2020 and successful applicants will be notified by 31 August 2020. Workshops will be held on 17-18 October 2020 and 23-24 January 2021.  Further development is worked on throughout the rest of the year and outcomes are presented in Jan 2021. Click here for more details.

Participant Requirements


Voices of Aotearoa 6:24 consists of six teams of four people who will collaborate together to create a short piece of music. The most important attribute for each participant is to be able to work creatively in a team. New Zealand Opera will provide support and direction but each individual needs to be able to contribute, listen and work to a timeline. More details here.

What we are looking for

The piece itself is to be a maximum of five minutes for the finished song. We encourage the teams to be experimental and to use the range of skills and talents of the performer to inform the process and outcome. We aim to see a variation in the overall collection of songs that represent different styles and techniques both culturally and creatively. Each song must have dramatic direction and impact so the writer and musicians will work together to find the ‘moment of song’. Read our Questions and Answers here.

If you have read all the information and would like to speak to someone further please call Josie Maskell 09 379 4020 dial ‘0’ or email josiem@nzopera.co.nz.

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