Participant Prerequisites

Participant and Composition prerequisites for Voices of Aotearoa 6:24

Participants must have the following.

  • Ability to articulate an idea in words (writer), experience of setting words to music (composer), capacity to improvise (instrumentalist), technical proficiency (opera singer) and experience in collaborating (everyone).
  • Enough available time to collaborate and complete the task.
  • An interest in the opportunities provided by the coming together of text and music.
  • Enthusiastic about the proposal.
  • An ability to deliver on time.
  • Prepared to work within budget parameters.

Composition prerequisites

  • Maximum of five minutes for the finished song.
  • Each song must have dramatic direction and impact.
  • The finished collection of songs (one song per team) must represent different styles and techniques.¬†This might include experimental use of piano, for example.
  • Each song must aim to use the range of skills and talents of the performers.