Echoes of History


Inspired by the wonderful online arts content during lockdown, New Zealand Opera decided to dive into the history of opera being written and composed in Aotearoa throughout the years: Echoes of History. While still in Alert Level 2, three singers started on a research journey, supported by Lynley Stone from the Information Workshop.

These singers soon discovered there were many operas written and composed in New Zealand in the past 150 years, but finding a full score was another task altogether. With the help of the National Library in Wellington, and even private music history enthusiasts, they each found an aria to perform.

Their next step was to conceive a filming concept, showcasing New Zealand beauty or landmarks. Filming happened during Alert Level 1 in Christchurch, Wellington and Matakohe, and we’re thrilled to showcase the results below.

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My Own! My Own

from the opera Estrella
by Luscombe Searelle (1884)


Performed by Oliver Sewell

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Ave Maria

from the opera Giovanni
by Alfred Hill (1914)


Performed by Eliza Boom

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Speak to me Speak

added to the production of The Belle of New York by Horace Gleeson (1899)


Performed by Will King

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