6:24 Voices of Aotearoa

6:24 Voices of Aotearoa Participants:

6:24 Voices of Aotearoa will consist of six teams, each with four creatives. They will partake in two intensive weekends of creative exploration and collaboration, with a sharing of work in progress to invited guests planned at the conclusion of the second weekend in January 2021. Each team will comprise an instrumentalist, writer, composer, and opera singer at different stages of their careers. The 24 creatives across the four disciplines are as listed below and shown in the photo above, you may click on the name to be taken to their profile page. The teams will be revealed at the start of the first workshop on 31 October.


Top row (left to right): Anna Kostina, Anthony Young, Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Barkin Sertkaya, Gabriela Glapska, Kelly Lim Harris, Chris Tse, and Fiona Chua.

Middle row (left to right): Camila Helena de Oliveira, Tyran Talamaivao, Jayne Tankersley, Ben Kubiak, Moana Ete, Siobhan Rosenthal, Eleanor Bishop, and Leon Reynolds.

Bottom row (left to right): Rowena Simpson, Robert Tucker, Tessa Romano, Natalia Sheppard, Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, Renee Liang, Rose Kirkup, and Matthew Kereama.


These are the participants under the four disciplines.

Writers: Moana Ete, Matthew Kereama, Rose Kirkup,  Renee Liang, Siobhan Rosenthal, and Chris Tse.

Instrumentalists: Camila Helena de Oliveira (piano), Gabriela Glapska (piano), Ben Kubiak (piano), Leon Reynolds (flute), Barkin Sertkaya (guitar), and Tyran Talamaivao (keys and guitar).

Composers: Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Fiona Chua, Rosa Elliot, Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, Natalia Sheppard (MC Tali), and Anthony Young.

Opera singers: Kelly Lim Harris (soprano), Anna Kostina (mezzo), Tessa Romano (mezzo), Rowena Simpson (soprano), Jayne Tankersley (soprano), and Robert Tucker (baritone).

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