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Merry Seduction on the Road to Hell

Let us take poor Don Giovanni and lay him on the psychoanalyst's couch, for he causes many problems in our popular culture now - especially under his original Spanish name, Don Juan.
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Scholarships enhance lives and leadership through music

“This opportunity enables a whole cohort of music educators to lift their practice to a significantly higher level. Ultimately, it's the wider music communities they engage who will reap the benefits of these scholarships. Congratulations.” [Dr Joe Harrop, Programme Director, Sistema Aotearoa]
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The life and loves of the original Don Juan

Opening on 18 September, New Zealand Opera’s third major production for 2014 is Mozart’s Don Giovanni. It has often been called the greatest opera ever written, and is certainly one of the most popular.
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Let There Be Light

When New Zealand Opera’s Head of Lighting was a small boy growing up in England and trotting off to plays with his parents, he became fascinated with the lights that illuminated performers and scenes on stage, and how tiny particles of dust were defined by the light penetrating dark spaces.
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In Good Hands

So what attracted Stuart Maunder to New Zealand Opera? “The Company is poised to do more extraordinary things. Look what it is doing in Australia with co-productions. It is also a truly national company.
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Top Ten

What’s in yours? I must be very peculiar because my top ten list includes Idomeneo, The Coronation of Poppea and Rusalka — three operas a lot of people haven’t even heard of.
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